Doctor and Patient Role Play

It’s not unusual for patients to have a crush on their doctors. After all, doctors are rich, knowledgeable, caring and they have that tender touch. Let’s not forget that most of them have already touched us in the most intimate ways.

If you have a doctor fantasy, and you are looking to scratch that itch, why not let it play out in the bedroom? Here are some roleplay scenarios that are sure to get you excited.

Let’s start by creating a reason to go to the doctor. It wouldn’t be sexy to say you are very sick, so let’s just say you’re going for a regular checkup. Of course, you want to wear your sexiest underwear under your clothes including thigh high stockings and garter belts.

The doctor asks you to undress and he is immediately taken by the look of you in your sexy lingerie. He tries to be professional, but soon enough you are both going at it like teenagers, right there on the examination table. (Note: if you have an examination table or something similar in your house, it can make the experience sexier and even more realistic).

Of course, the man does not always have to be the doctor. The woman can be the doctor as well.

The patient nurse scenario is another common take off that allows the woman to be the medical professional. We’re not saying that women can’t be doctors or that men can’t be nurses…but those nurse uniforms just open up so many doors for sexy role play ideas.

Well, no matter where you want to take it, the doctor nurse roleplay scenario can be pretty sexy. How will you be letting it play out in your bedroom tonight?

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