A list of Erotic Lingerie Stores that Cater to the Plus Sized Woman.

Buying lingerie in Canada stores or buying lingerie online in Canada can be a very frustrating experience for most women. Most stores carry a limited size that often ranges from a size 0 to 12. This is even more galling when you note that according to recent studies the average woman is a size 14, this means the average woman is not being marketed to.

Even the stores that target plus size women which is any size above 14, are either ridiculously more expensive than what is mainstream. Or they lack a more ambitious design, which is upsetting for plus-sized women on the lookout for erotic themed lingerie.

The fact is, the lingerie business is highly discriminatory and much must be done to fix that, but even as the mainstream world is being called out here are a few lingerie stores that offer erotic designs and cater to plus-sized women.

Playful Promises, this brand has a wide selection of lingerie garnered towards plus-sized women, a London based brand they are known for their collaboration with Gabbi, a popular plus-sized model. Pieces from this store range from babydolls to risqué bodysuits and tight-fitting bodices. All designed to enhance and empower the woman wearing it. while it offers a wide range of sizes, the emphasis is placed on the plus-sized option.

With a stellar range of 30A-46G, AdoreMe is a brand that does the lingerie world proud. A little less provocative than Playful Promises, it still isn’t lacking in the design area. They also offer tips and styling assistance to help with orders. Another fun selling point is their prices that can go as low as $24.

SavageXFenty, the popular and well-received brand was launched by Rihanna in 2018 and gained traction as a diversity-friendly brand. Its first fashion show featuring a diverse range of models across, body types, religions, and races. The selling point being they had a “nude” for everyone. The line while not as extensive as some on the list, boasts a range of 32A-46DDD and XS to 3XL. With a possible expected expansion later on in the year. The line however risqué has been accused of altering design based on the sizes, as was noted in the valentine’s day line.

To round off our list Eloquii, the only brand here that is centered and targeted exclusively to plus size women with sizes ranging from 14-28. They are also the only retailer on the list that offers more than lingerie. It may be a little hard finding the lingerie category, but the designs do not disappoint.

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

Happy shopping!

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