One reason why women do not have the self-confidence to wear teddy lingerie or any sort of lingerie whatsoever is that they hardly see themselves as sexy. Let’s admit it. The moment we see a sexy teddy worn by female models on the pages of a magazine, we often admit, “Can I ever pull off something like that.” The vital thing that any woman has to be aware of when wanting to wear a certain thing they unlikely would is to have the self-confidence and ultimately; the will to wear it. To be able to pull off teddy lingerie is most woman’s subconscious fantasy. Who does not want to be sexy?

Here are a few “teddy” facts which would make you realize teddies are not made just for your partner’s eyes or sexy clothing you just wear in the bedroom. It’s a classic form of clothing that can boost not only your self-esteem but also your general fashion sense.

Casual or Office Wear

This is certainly the best way to start practicing how to wear teddy lingerie. You’re not wearing it full blast just yet, but the style itself would reveal some “teddy sophistication” which will undoubtedly scream sexy. Just a touch of lace and silk under a trendy blazer or jacket paired with a nice skirt or pants will accomplish the mission. What makes this look exceptional is that if ever you have to go on a dinner date with your special someone, and things would turn out fabulous, you can just get rid of the rest of your clothes and leave the teddy on to please your partner. Now, that’s sexy.

Party Wear

To wear your teddy in a party will not be a fashion risk if you’re attending a slumber party or some other proper occasions where you can bare some skin. There are various styles of teddy lingerie made of different materials. It might be good to note; however, that teddies are rompers and considering that they come in different styles and materials, you can always employ your creativity to wear it right. With the suitable accessories and cover-up outfit, your teddy is a hit.

Bedroom Wear

Who says that you are restricted to putting on your PJs when you retire for the night? Whether you have a partner you share the bed with every night, or you reside alone, you are expected to still look your best. The art of dressing up does not start with other people. It has to start with you. You need to impress yourself first and feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Subsequently, other people will see that in you too.

So, do you still feel uneasy with purchasing that teddy lingerie? You should not. Exploring teddy lingerie comes in many forms. The trick is to experiment, get comfortable, and have fashionable fun with your sexy lingerie.

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